Friday, October 31, 2008

Belgian Waiter with Attitude

He saw me taking pictures and wanted one of himself. So he posed and I took it. He really would have preferred that we sit and eat an overpriced seafood dinner at his restaurant, but we didn't.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Slow Food Dinner - Hayes Street Grill - The Pass

We were seated very close to the kitchen, which I loved. We could look over and see the staff tending to the wood fire oven which was used to grill a few of the seafood dishes. The entire restaurant was used for this dinner so the staff had to prepare about 80 plates for each course and then they were served all at the same time. Not an easy task! We were impressed. But we were the only ones looking in the kitchen. The rest of the guests were content listening to the fishermen describe their boat and their families and the types of fish they caught. We were more happy to watch as the guys in the back of the house took those beautiful fish and prepared them carefully into a VERY tasty meal.

Slow Food Dinner - Hayes Street Grill #2

I wonder why they sat us at our own table...

Slow Food Dinner at Hayes Street Grill

Here I am at the seafood dinner at Hayes Street Grill in San Francisco. We were the only ones with children with us. We had a table to ourselves, which is unusual as Slow Food dinners are meant to bring people together. We didn't mind, it was a great meal.

Slow Food Nation 2008 - Bread Snail

We took the kids to San Francisco for the Slow Food Nation weekend. They loved this snail at the tasting pavilion. It's made of loaves of bread.

Andrew Zimmern Filiming in Paris

Have you watched Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the travel channel? We happened to find him filming on the Concorde in Paris during our trip. Bruce snagged this quick shot before they walked off into the Tuileries.

Le Gavroche - Table Tally

Dinner at Le Gavroche was as Parissienne French as it could possibly be. The tiny place was packed and the one waiter kept a tally on each table of what was ordered. This picture shows our tally as well as a bottle of one of their house wines from the Rhone region of France.