Saturday, April 7, 2007

Gassata or Naturale?

I'm returning to the La Sosta Enoteca/Bottled Water Tab Padding issue. I saw a friend yesterday. This friend and her husband are Italian. I told them about La Sosta Enoteca in Hermosa Beach and about my previous article. I mentioned the bottled water issue and how they really seem to push it, so don't be afraid to just say "No!".
My friend surprised me. She said that in Italy they only serve bottled water at restaurants so the custom is to ask which you prefer, sparkling or flat?
Whoa, it's a cultural thing. I will no longer say a disparaging word about the staff at La Sosta with regards to their bottled water obsession.
Perhaps the issue may now rest?


MCooley said...

I will not forget the look on your face when the waiter came over and asked us which type of water we would looked right at Bruce and gave a little chuckle. Little did I know there was such blog drama happening!

MCooley said...

Makes sense now!

Culinary Vixen said...

Did you notice what he asked us exactly? He asked "Sparkling, naturale or just tap?" I was very proud of him, I think it took some effort. I can't help but wonder if he's read the blog articles about his water choices... I've had the same waiter every time I'm there. At least I think it's he's the same... they all really do look like brothers.

MCooley said...
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MCooley said...

Of course he's read your blog...hasn't everyone?!