Saturday, June 2, 2007

My Foible, It Was a Flat Iron

At the bbq the other night (see previous post), we discussed new cuts of beef and the NY Times article about them we had each read the previous week. I was happy to be trying one of the interesting new products my meat supplier had delivered the day before. I made a mistake in my post about the menu - I was just in the freezer and found a box of Flat Iron steaks but no Hanger Steaks were to be found. Oops!

The second interesting box of beef I found in the freezer is something called: Wagyu Kobe Beef Sirloin Steaks. They are a beautiful super dark puple color. I found a website with a good explanation of the Kobe designation.

I now need to ask my meat guy to verify if this meat is from Harris Ranch, where they are doing it right, or just someplace trying to use the words to make money on beef.

We are going to try two of the steaks for dinner tonight. Can't wait to see how they taste.

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Alyn said...

Good for people to know.