Sunday, July 8, 2007

Back from Italy

I'm still mentally digesting all the foodie information we ingested during our trip to Umbria. We spent a week in the countryside of Umbria. We rented a house with good friends. We each brought our kids, so there were four young boys to keep an eye on, which can really cramp your fine dining dreams. But peasant food abounded and simple regional dishes were found even in the small towns of Todi and Orvieto (the largest towns near our rental).
I'll get a few posts out this week... look for: Shopping at a small town market; Eating al fresco with friends; Wines we discovered in Umbria (if I can remember them!); The Agritourismo Dinner or Romantic dining for 8!
It's good to be back home...

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Anonymous said...

Your trip to Italy sounds wonderful!! I am jealous!!
This is Donna, I'm a friend of Mich's. We have met on a few occasions.
I didn't know you were so into the culinary arts, good food, your profession and love.
My son works for a company whose products are for the serious cook and Mich and I thought you may be interested.
If you'd like more info call Mich and get my number.
Happy eating.