Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mother of a Gift

I went on a foodie adventure with Edythe and my kids today. We scoured an estate sale for kitchen kitsch, dug through the garden for any bits to harvest, and best of all, she gave us a mother! Edythe has been feeding her mother of vinegar for a few years. She generously gave me a few nice pieces to take home. I fed her the remains of a bottle of red wine which was left on the counter over our vacation. The mother seems happy in her new home, a large Ball jar with a paper towel lid allowing air in. I'm looking forward to the amazing vinegar she'll help me produce with the dribs and drabs of left over wine from our kitchen. I'm also hoping I can collect a white wine mother as well. I love vinegar! So much fun to be able to make my own good quality supply!

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