Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Where to Look for Dinner Ideas

"What's for dinner?"

Everyday across America this simple question weighs heavily on the household cook. And as the day progresses the pressure mounts. We all want to eat well, but often we are out of ideas and don't want to think too much about something so... every day. So, where can we find dinner ideas without too much effort? Here are my go to places for inspiration. 

Picture of Asparagus at the Farmers Market, Dinner Ideas Seasonal
Eat Seasonally  Take a look at your calendar and give respect to Mother Nature's bounty. Need some help figuring out what's in season? Try using this Seasonal Food Guide, which uses your location to create a list of fruits and vegetables which are in season right now in your area of the country.

Take Requests 
This one is really a no brainer, but often overlooked. Most of us are cooking for more than ourselves. The easiest way to please our diners is to ask them what they'd like to eat! 
Take Advantage of the Situation
Picky eaters can effect your dinner choices. So, when they are away, use the opportunity to indulge in the foods they don't like. When your mushroom hating husband is out of town, why not have a mushroom feast? If you normally avoid spicy foods to appease your children's palates, wait for that sleep-over opportunity and get your chile on!

bright picture of grocery store sale mailersWhat's on Sale? or Use those Coupons!
Check out those colorful flyers your local grocer sends you and take advantage of some great prices. Coordinate with the seasonality guide and now you're making some really smart choices!

Food Media
Flip through a magazine and get some dinner ideas from the recipes. With today's technology there is no need to tear the page out, simply use your phone and take a picture of the recipe. Or browse through some food blogs during your lunch hour. Put your Pinterest playtime to good use and find an easy recipe that catches your eye. Or go old school, take out your favorite cookbook and find a favorite.  Even better, flip to a dog-eared page you have been meaning to try and this time, just do it!
Picture of ingredients from a pantry, Dinner Ideas Pantry ItemsLook in Your Pantry, Cupboard or Refrigerator
Find inspiration in the odd ingredients left lingering in your kitchen. Often we purchase a unique ingredient to make a specific dish. Give those stragglers new life! Google up a recipe which uses the ingredient and try something new!

You see, it's not so stressful.  Just use your noggin and keep cooking.


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