Monday, September 13, 2010

Too many FIGS!

Edythe's backyard has a beautiful fig tree which produces hundreds of big Turkish Brown figs each summer. Some are left on the tree, for wasps and rodents to feast upon. Many are used to create spiced whole figs, fig jam and fig newton bars for The Heritage Kitchen to sell at the market. Edythe hand picks each one of the hundreds of figs off her tree each summer and what aren't used for baking come to the market with her, where we give them to long time customers and sell, at a very reasonable price, to new ones!


martha said...

Great Gouda you last gave us, such aroma and flavor, had it with ripe pears mmmmmm. Look forward to your next cheese selections.

Culinary Vixen said...

So glad you liked the Gouda Martha! Stop by the house for cheese anytime!