Friday, February 16, 2007

The Build Up

I've driven by the place dozens of times in the past few years. It has curb appeal, quaint and inviting. but for some reason the place always slipped my mind when thinking of where to eat next.
Valentine's Day was approaching and a new exercise class had me passing La Sosta twice a week, so I made a reservation for the week of the 14th.
I had to know what to expect, so I did my research.
The ratings on Zagat were impressive. Everything over a 20 (good to excellent). But the reviews in the new discussions board were dreadful. Not only were they useless reviews (no mention of the food!) they all generally agreed that the place was overpriced, noisy and pushed bottled water on the guests to pad the checks. Adding to the confusion, the official Zagat description of the place sounded great. Words like romantic, Italian wine selections and cheese and meat cart, had me especially intrigued.
So I continued onto Chowhound where I found experienced reviewers who gave the place a general thumbs up with a nod to authenticity, respect for the concept and good reviews of the food.
I was ready to eat.


bmccorkendale said...

Rather than just links to the home sites for Zagat and ChowHound, you should put links to those sites information on the restaurant.

Culinary Vixen said...

Hey, get off my blog!