Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sneak Peek at the Corkscrew Cafe

Stopped by the new Corkscrew Cafe in MB this AM. It's at Marine Ave. and Highland Ave. in the new corner building. It's a combination, tapas restaurant, market, and deli/bakery. It has a few rooms and a patio all on different levels. The room we sat in had a view of the ocean. The breakfast menu was sparse, but we had great coffee and B really liked the salsa that came with his breakfast burrito.
It would be a great place to stop in, grab a bagel and cup of coffee in the AM on your way to the beach, then swing by at lunch for a quick sandwich, in the evening you can come back for a nice glass of wine as the sun sets and you enjoy some small plates in the company of good friends and neighbors.
I hope it does well. I'm looking forward to going back without the kids!

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