Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sparkling, Flat or Tap?

The reviews of La Sosta Enoteca which mentioned tab padding with expensive bottled water has been on my mind as of late. How can you criticize an establishment for giving you what you asked for? NEVER has a restaurant given me bottled water without my approval. It's important for all consumers to be aware of the inevitable question which is the title of this piece and to provide an answer that will make your experience as you wish. If you want to know how much the water costs, ask. Never be intimidated (by a waiter no less!) into ordering something you don't want.
The bottled water at a restaurant issue died a tragic death for me when I caught Penn and Teller's BULLSH**! show on the subject. It was hilarious and worth searching for. In the show they not only replaced the water in each of the fancy bottles with tap from a hose in the back of the restaurant, they also created a fancy water tasting menu and had many takers trying to discern the differences between them. The mind is a powerful thing and I guess if you are paying $10 to compare the taste and clarity of five different waters... well your brain just loves to be creative especially when under pressure from a snotty waiter hovering above your table at a fine dining establishment.
So, now I only order bottled water (flat, no bubbles for me please) when I'm in a foreign country whose water supply I do not trust OR if I try the tap water offered and find it nasty tasting.
If you don't want it, just say "No, thank you". It's as simple as that.

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