Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sparkling or Flat Revisited at La Sosta

We dined at LaSosta Enoteca for a second time this past week. The experience was even better this time. We shared one of the special starters - a platter of hot polenta, sauteed porcini mushrooms in a light wine sauce and chunks of sweet gorgonzola. We loved the way the blue cheese melted into the polenta. B had the rabbit loin which was described as stuffed with pancetta but in actuality the lovely rich and saucy chopped stuffing was made of the kidney, liver, etc. from the rabbit. It was tender and utterly perfect.
I had the sliced filet served over arugula with perfectly cooked chopped swiss chard and a pile of strips of roasted red and yellow peppers. The beef was tender enough to eat using only a fork. It's well seasoned, lean and of obvious quality.
We ordered a wonderfully well balanced Barolo to go with it all and were not disappointed.
They treated us to a profiterole dessert for our anniversary celebration, which was very sweet.
But what about the water you ask?
Two different servers offered us "Flat or Sparkling?" and in both cases we made a point of clearly picking "Tap.", which wasn't even offered. So, I must revisit my earlier discussion of other reviews which claimed that tabs were padded with expensive bottled water charges. I have to agree that a certain amount of pushing of the bottled is going on here. I don't like it.

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