Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where to eat next, that is the question.

Around this time each week my thoughts begin to wander to date-night and where we should eat this week. There is always a list in the back of my mind of places to try or revisit. In fact, there are many lists of places to eat based on subcategories like: go with the children sometime, or when we're in the neighborhood, or new place, need to try.

So, which will it be this week? I'm leaning heavily on a top contender in the local favorite as well as changing monthly menu categories: Avenue Restaurant here in Manhattan Beach. We are so thankful that Christian and his wife Teddy have chosen Manhattan Beach for their flagship fine dining restaurant. There truly is no one else creating an entirely new seasonal menu each month here in the South Bay. Served in a fine dining atmosphere that is both polished and casual, parents in flip flops rubbing elbows with lawyers in suits on the banquette, everyone enjoying the Shaffer hospitality.

I'm going to hit opentable and see if we can get in tomorrow night!

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