Friday, March 16, 2007

Three White, One Red

Joe helped me choose some very fun wines to go with my menu.

First, to pair with the Ahi, avocado, soy sauce, shiso and daikon:
2006 Colombelle a Southern France mixture of 70% Colombard and 30% Ugni Blanc.
Promises citrus and tropical fruit flavors.

With the Thai Green Papaya salad and it's spicy acidity:
2005 Haras Estate Sauvignon Blanc from the Maipo valley in Chile.
This one will also offer citrus and fruity aromas but with more body.

A nice red to go with the Vietnamese Beef Salad with basil, mint and cilantro:
2004 Las Rocas Garnacha from Spain.
Loads of rich plumy fruits and earthy too!

For dessert, the Green Tea Ice Cream:
2004 Dante Rivetti Riveto, Moscato d'asti
A light refreshing finish to a big meal.

Looking forward to it!

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