Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Soubise correction

Okay, I know you've been upset ever since you read the review of Avenue. You can't believe that me, a professionally trained cook would make such a mistake. Yes, I am human and I too forget the families of sauces from time to time.

It turns out, Soubise is made from Bechamel (white sauce) and not chicken stock. I referred to my LaRousse Gastronomique when I realized that I just wasn't sure about the sauce's origins. LaRousse says that Soubise can refer to any sauce of pureed onions (or finely dice) especially ones served with eggs.

Did you know that the sauce is named after an 18th century aristocrat and marshal of France, Charles de Rohan, Prince of Soubise?

No, I'll bet you didn't.

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